Robust WSD Task @ CLEF


Following the success of the 2007 joint SemEval-CLEF task , a Robust WSD task was organized at CLEF in two editions (CLEF 2008 and CLEF 2009).

Robust-WSD aims at exploring the contribution of Word Sense Disambiguation to monolingual and multilingual Information Retrieval. The organizers of the task provided documents  and topics which have been automatically tagged with Word Senses from WordNet using several state-of-the-art Word Sense Disambiguation systems.

Robust-WSD at CLEF 2008  (see working notes) and Robust-WSD at CLEF 2009 (see working notes) showed that some top-scoring systems improved their IR and CLIR results with the use of WSD tags.


If you are interested in this topic, explore the public dataset to replicate the 2008 and 2009 settings or contact us.