e-ROLda is a tool that allows users to access the information in the BVI lexicon and in the EPEC-RolSem corpus1. When entering the e-ROLda system, general information can be found and searches can be made according to several criteria. These criteria are: i) the Basque verb, ii) the sense of that Basque verb, and/or iii) the English verb in PB-VN. More advanced searches can also be made, so that users can see sentences where the searched verb occurs along with a given: a) argument (Arg0, Arg1, ...); b) semantic role in PB-VN; c) semantic role in our EADB database; d) declension case; e) selectional restriction associated with the semantic role. The tool has a private section as well, which can be accessed by authorized linguists who can edit the BVI lexicon.

    When a search is made, the system usually returns:

  1. Senses recorded for the verb in the BVI Lexicon
  2. Links to PropBank (PB), FrameNet (FN) and Basque WordNet (BWN)
  3. Examples of sentences in EPEC-RolSem where the searched verb occurs
In conclusion, thanks to this tool, syntactic-semantic information about Basque verbs can be seen as well as examples of their occurrences in the corpus. In addition, each entry in the BVI is linked to its corresponding verb entry in well-known resources like PropBank, VerbNet, WordNet and FrameNet.


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Methodology for the semiautomatic annotation of EPEC-RolSem, a Basque corpus labelled at predicate level following the PropBank/Verbnet model
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