The MT4All CEF action aims to provide bilingual resources (bilingual dictionaries and machine translation systems) for the under-resourced languages in fields of public interest at the EU level, such as e-Health and e-Justice. MT4All will contribute to the CEF Automated Translation Building block by enlarging its coverage for language pairs and domains, for which parallel data do not exist.Based on monolingual data, MT4All will apply the last advances in unsupervised machine translation to derive bilingual dictionaries and translation models. The new bilingual resources will be use to enhance existing machine-translation engines of the CEF Automated Translation Building block, and to build new engines for non-covered language pairs or domains.

The specific use-cases, defined by the validation partners, address the following languages: Finnish, Norwegian, Latvian, Basque, Catalan, Spanish, German, Ukrainian, Georgian and Kazakh.

Innovation and Networks Executive Agency's official project web page link here


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