Basque CU detector

Central Unit Detector for Spanish

In the framework of the Rhetorical Structure Theory (RST by Mann and Thompson, 1987), this central unit detector is developed to detect a central unit in scientific abstract texts in Spanish (ES). First, a ES segmenter or manual segmentation has to be performed to get the Elementary Discourse Units (EDUs) of a text. To do so, insert manually a line break for each EDU.

NOTE: This tool was Powered by IXA-CLARIN-K CENTRE


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Bengoetxea, K. Iruskieta, M. (2018). A Supervised Central Unit Detector for Spanish. PLN.

References: Mann, W.C. Thompson, S.A. 1987. Rhetorical Structure Theory: A Theory of Text Organization. Text 8.243-281.

  • Team-Group:
  • Kepa Bengoetxea
  • Kike Fernandez
  • Mikel Iruskieta