The proposal must be submitted earlier than April 24, 2009 and they must meet certain format and style requirements.

We recommend using the LaTeX and Word templates that can be downloaded from the conference webpage: Latex, Word

Besides, the proposals will have to comply the following requirements, depending if they are communications, demos or projects:




Authors are encouraged to send theoretical or system-related proposals.

The proposals must include the following sections:

  • A title of the communication.
  • The complete names of the authors, their affiliations, address, and e-mail (anonymous in the submitted proposal).
  • An abstract in English and Spanish (maximum 150 words), including a list of keywords or related topics.
  • The proposal can be written and presented in Spanish or English, and its overall maximum length will be 8 pages, excluding references, which can take up an additional whole page at the most.
  • The documents must not include headers or footers.

The papers proposed will be assessed at least by three reviewers, and can be accepted to be presented either as posters or as communications, depending on the program necessities. However, no distinction will be made between communications and posters in the printed version of the SEPLN magazine.



As in previous editions, the organizers encourage participants to give oral presentations of R&D projects and demos of systems or tools related to the NLP field.

For oral presentations on R&D projects to be accepted, the following information must be included:

  • Project title
  • Name, affiliation, address, e¬mail and phone number of the project director
  • Funding institutions
  • Groups participating in the project
  • Abstract (2 pages maximum)

For demonstrations to be accepted, the following information is mandatory:

  • Demo title
  • Name, affiliation, e-mail and phone number of the authors
  • Abstract (2 pages maximum)
  • Time estimation for the whole presentation