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Program (half day)

09:00 – 10:30

-- Long paper -- Query Rewriting Using Shallow Language Processing: Effects on Keyword Subject Searches.
Anna Mastora and Sarantos Kapidakis.
-- Short paper -- Visualising Television Heritage: The Euscreen Virtual Exhibitions and the Linked Open Data Pilot.
Johan Oomen, Vassilis Tzouvaras and Kati Hyyppä.
-- Short paper -- Providing Suitable Information Accesses for New Users of Digital Libraries – Case Study DMG-Lib.
Sascha Falke, Torsten Brix, Rike Brecht, Ulf Döring and Michael Reeßing.
-- Demo -- Exploring Pelagios: A Visual Browser for Geo-Tagged Datasets.
Rainer Simon, Elton Barker and Leif Isaksen.

10:30 – 11:00


11:00 – 12:30

-- Demo -- PATHS prototype.
Mark Hall.
-- Keynote -- Browsing Europeana - Opportunities and Challenges.
David Haskiya.
-- Panel --

Milena Dobreva (University of Malta), Kate Fernie (MDR partners), Mark Hall (University of Sheffield), David Haskiya (Europeana).

Chair: Eneko Agirre (University of the Basque Country)

Proceedings are available here

Browsing Europeana – Opportunities and Challenges

David Haskiya

Browsing allows an information seeker to find what they didn’t know they needed or what they couldn’t articulate in the form of a keyword query. As such it’s a mode of discovery which could work very well within the extremely heterogeneous Europeana repository. This is especially important as user studies indicate that many Europeana users consider the Europeana portal to not provide clear enough information on the scope and type of content thus making their initial searches difficult to articulate.

In this presentation I’ll elaborate more on the opportunities and challenges of developing browse functions in the Europeana portal. I will touch upon a number of different forms of browsing, the opportunities they offer to users and the challenges of implementing them in the Europeana portal. The browsing types considered will be search with guided navigation, spatio-temporal browsing, subject browsing, tours/paths browsing and similarity browsing. Mockups and wireframes will be used through-out to illustrate the possible implementations.

While the presentation will focus on Europeana the principles should be applicable to any repository discovery service comprising cross-domain and multi-lingual content.