third party tools

The ixa pipes chain can and has been extended with other third party tools to provide annotation using technology not currently distributed in the ixa pipes releases. Every third party tool listed here is also used via standard input and output. Please check the documentation of each tool for usage instructions:

  • Coreference resolution: Corefgraph is a rule-based coreference resolution system for English and Spanish.
  • Semantic Role labelling: MATE based parser and SRL. The tool is a wrapper for Mate tools to perform semantic role labelling and dependency parsing for English and Spanish.
  • Named Entity Disambiguation: ixa-pipe-ned is a client to perform Named Entity Disambiguation using the DBpedia Spotlight and taking as mentions the output of the ixa-pipe-nerc tagger.
  • Wikification: ixa-pipe-wikify is a client to perform Wikification using the DBpedia Spotlight.
  • Word Sense Disambiguation: NAF UKB is a tool to add sense information to a NAF input, producing a NAF output. This tool uses UKB, a collection of programs for performing graph-based Word Sense Disambiguation and lexical similarity/relatedness using a pre-existing knowledge base.
  • Domain terms tagger: ixa-pipe-domainterms is a tool to tag terms in a domain dictionary.