University of the Basque Country UPV/EHU

Name of the principal investigator: Eneko Agirre

UPV/EHU will coordinate and manage the project, as well as the research in lifelong learning. It will participate substantially in developing deep learning techniques for similarity and question answering. This partner will bring in its expertise in machine learning, including deep learning, to similarity, as well its long experience in information systems.



Name of the principal investigator: Sophie Rosset

LIMSI will be mainly involved in the dialogue management work, including also evaluation, and lifelong learning aspects. This partner will bring its extensive experience in machine learning and dialogue management.


Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia UNED

Name of the principal investigator: Anselmo Peñas

UNED will be responsible of work on knowledge induction, and its integration in QA and chatbot applications. This partner will bring-in its expertise in question answering and knowledge induction.


Zurich University of Applied Sciences ZHAW

Name of the principal investigator: Mark Cieliebak

ZHAW wiil be responsible for data aggregation and annotation, and the organization of shared task. This partner will bring in its expertise in information systems and dialogue. 


Synapse Développement

Name of the principal investigator: Charles Teissèdre

As SME partner, Synapse role is to allow transfer of knowledge and technologies from the academic community to the industrial world and ensure that the basic research performed will be correctly targeted to applicable technologies with added value for other European companies. Synapse will have responsibility for guiding searches towards real user needs and implementing outcomes of these searches into end user software. The Synapse team includes the right combination of researchers and engineers to do this successfully, leveraging its expertise in information systems and natural language processing, applied to both question answering and dialogue.

kick-off meeting Kick-off meeting, San Sebastian, January 2018.