The Health area plays a key role in our society, not only due to its impact in the welfare state but also because of its multidisciplinary impacts. The number of documents in the medical domain generated by the healthcare centers (hospitals and primary care) grows constantly, hence, the development of automatic tools for textual analysis may imply a decisive advance for health systems.
Language Technologies provide different tools for textual analysis that can be of much aid to the medical personnel and consequently lead to an increment in their productivity. The consortium of research groups from different universities and health institutions presented in this project is convinced that a big step ahead can be made in this field. Our objective is to propose solutions for the automatic processing of Medical Records that currently imply an important soothe in person-time and economic costs. We present three main use cases:
1) automatic diagnosis of medical records,
2) detection of adverse drug effects and
3) detecting relationships among concepts that will allow the discovery of new medical knowledge. The types of relations identified in the 2nd use case will be relevant to improve the 1st use case, and will also be used in the 3rd use case 3 in order to establish patterns regarding a patient's medical history.