Report on the 7th SALTMIL LREC 2010 workshop

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On May 23rd 2010, SALTMIL held a morning workshop on "Creation and use of basic lexical resources for less-resourced languages". This was a satellite workshop preceding the biennial LREC (Language Resources and Evaluation Conference) in Malta.

The program was very full, beginning with two invited talks, each of which stimulated many questions and discussions. This was then followed by two oral presentations and a poster session with five contributed poster papers. Finally, after a brief presentation by Mikel Forcada (see slides), an interesting panel discussion took place on "Less resourced languages and Language technology. Short- and medium-term objectives".  There were many contributions to this discussion, among others those of Per Langgård, Khalid Choukri, Igor Leturia, Trond Trosterud, Benoît Sagot, Kepa Sarasola and Mikel Forcada. At 13.55, Mikel Forcada closed the panel session by thanking the audience for their participation in the panel and in the whole workshop.

About fifty people were present in total, from a wide range of countries, and representing work on a variety of less resourced languages.

Addional material realted to this workshop are available: