I’m an associate professor at the Computer Science faculty at the University of the Basque Country. I’m member of the IXA research group and the HiTZ research center1. I’m also member of the Computer Science Department at the UEU.


Here is an updated list with my articles (sorted by date). You can also find them in my Google Scholar Page

Research Projects

Here you can find a list of the projects and contracts I’ve been involved in (sorted by date).


Current PhD students:

  • Oscar Cumbicus
  • Gorka Urbizu
  • Julen Etxaniz
  • Antonio David Ponce

PhD Alumni:

  • Cristina Aceta (2022)
  • Josu Goikoetxea (2018)
  • Zuhaitz Beloki (2017)
  • Ander Barrena (2017)



For newer resources check the websites of my collaborators or drop me a note.

  • Pre-trained neural language models for Basque:

    • berteus (Basque monolingual, based on BERT)
    • euscrawl base (Basque monolingual, based on RoBERTa base)
    • euscrawl large (Basque monolingual, based on RoBERTa large)
    • IXAmBERT (Basque, Spanish, English; based on multi-BERT)
    • A more extensive list is here
  • BasqueGLUE, A Natural Language Understanding Benchmark for Basque.

  • I helped with euscrawl, a high quality corpus for Basque.

  • I’m the main developer of UKB, a knowledge-based word disambiguation system based on graphs (github page).

Professional Services

  • Member of Editorial Board of JAIR
  • ACL, EACL regular reviewer and Area Chair
  • IJCAI regular reviewer and member of Senior Program Commite

  1. Pronnounced /ˈhiːts/, the ending similar to ‘pizza’ (but without the last ‘a’ 😉) ↩︎