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As a company: the master can be supported as follows

    A. Mecenas: Contact:

    B. Internship:
        a. WHAT? Master students carry out an internship of 10 ECTS (250 hours) as an inherent part of their training plan. The company can offer projects to allocate students in their company and get involved, this way, with the master.
       b. HOW TO? the procedure is thoroughly explained and shared by all the degrees within the Faculty of Computer Sciences and all the details are here:

            In brief, the steps are as follows:

            1. The company is registered in GAUR

            2. The administration staff sends back to the company a username and a password

            3. The company inserts the description of the project in GAUR. Provided that the company had in advance an agreement with a particular student, the company has the chance to select the student in this step just looking for the student by their Identity Card (DNI) and date of birth. E-mail the administration staff:

            4. The administration staff together with the coordinating commitee validates the internship.

            5. The three parties (the company, the student and the master) sign an aggreement.

As a student:     how to get access to the offers posted by the companies.

    a) GAUR
    b) On your own

Contact: administration staff at the Faculty of Computer Science
Oihana Imaz: