*SEM 2012: The First Joint Conference on Lexical and Computational Semantics

*SEM main program

Day 1: Thursday June 7th 2012

;(08:00–09:15) Registration
;Session PLN1: (09:15–10:30) Opening Remarks and Keynote Address (Plenary)
Johan Bos
09:15–09:30*SEM Opening
09:30–10:30Keynote Address by Jerry Hobbs: ; Anchoring Lexical Semantics in World Knowledge
;(10:30–11:00) Coffee Break
;Session *SEM2: (11:00–12:40) Long Papers 1: Linking and Anaphora
Chair: Lauri Karttunen
11:00–11:25Casting Implicit Role Linking as an Anaphora Resolution Task
Carina Silberer and Anette Frank
11:25–11:50Adaptive Clustering for Coreference Resolution with Deterministic Rules and Web-Based Language Models
Razvan Bunescu
11:50–12:15Measuring Semantic Relatedness using Multilingual Representations
Samer Hassan, Carmen Banea and Rada Mihalcea
12:15–12:40Towards Building a Multilingual Semantic Network: Identifying Interlingual Links in Wikipedia
Bharath Dandala, Rada Mihalcea and Razvan Bunescu
;Session SE1: (11:00–12:40) SemEval Session 1

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;(12:40–2:00) Lunch
;Session *SEM3: (2:00–3:30) Short Papers Boasters and Posters
Chair: Johan Bos
2:00–2:30Poster Boaster
2:30–3:30Posters (move to Salons 6/7)
;Sentence Clustering via Projection over Term Clusters
Lili Kotlerman, Ido Dagan, Maya Gorodetsky and Ezra Daya
;The Use of Granularity in Rhetorical Relation Prediction
Blake Howald and Martha Abramson
;"Could you make me a favour and do coffee, please?": Implications for Automatic Error Correction in English and Dutch
Sophia Katrenko
;Detecting Text Reuse with Modified and Weighted N-grams
Rao Muhammad Adeel Nawab, Mark Stevenson and Paul Clough
;Statistical Thesaurus Construction for a Morphologically Rich Language
Chaya Liebeskind, Ido Dagan and Jonathan Schler
;Sorting out the Most Confusing English Phrasal Verbs
Yuancheng Tu and Dan Roth
;Learning Semantics and Selectional Preference of Adjective-Noun Pairs
Karl Moritz Hermann, Chris Dyer, Phil Blunsom and Stephen Pulman
;Identifying hypernyms in distributional semantic spaces
Alessandro Lenci and Giulia Benotto
;Towards a Flexible Semantics: Colour Terms in Collaborative Reference Tasks
Bert Baumgaertner, Raquel Fernandez and Matthew Stone
;Unsupervised Disambiguation of Image Captions
Wesley May, Sanja Fidler, Afsaneh Fazly, Sven Dickinson and Suzanne Stevenson
;Lexical semantic typologies from bilingual corpora — A framework
Steffen Eger
;Non-atomic Classification to Improve a Semantic Role Labeler for a Low-resource Language
Richard Johansson
;Combining resources for MWE-token classification
Richard Fothergill and Timothy Baldwin
;Session SE2: (2:00–3:30) SemEval Session 2

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;(3:30–4:00) Coffee Break
;Session *SEM4: (4:00–6:05) Long Papers 2: Semantic Models
Chair: Tim Baldwin
4:00–4:25Annotating Preferences in Negotiation Dialogues
Anais Cadilhac, Nicholas Asher and Farah Benamara
4:25–4:50Selecting Corpus-Semantic Models for Neurolinguistic Decoding
Brian Murphy, Partha Talukdar and Tom Mitchell
4:50–5:15Simple and Phrasal Implicatives
Lauri Karttunen
5:15–5:40An Unsupervised Ranking Model for Noun-Noun Compositionality
Karl Moritz Hermann, Phil Blunsom and Stephen Pulman
5:40–6:05Expanding the Range of Tractable Scope-Underspecified Semantic Representations
Mehdi Manshadi and James Allen
;Session SE3: (4:00–6:00) SemEval Session 3

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Day 2: Friday June 8th 2012

;Session PLN2: (08:15–09:15) Best Paper Awards and Shared Task (Plenary)
Chair: Johan Bos
08:15–08:20Announcement of Best Papers
08:20–08:30Best Short Paper Speech
08:30–08:45Best Long Paper Speech
08:45–09:10Shared Task: Resolving the Scope and Focus of Negation
;Session *SEM6: (09:15–10:30) Long Papers 3: Lexical Semantics
Chair: Sanda Harabagiu
09:15–09:40Regular polysemy: A distributional model
Gemma Boleda, Sebastian Padó and Jason Utt
09:40–10:05Extracting a Semantic Lexicon of French Adjectives from a Large Lexicographic Dictionary
Selja Seppälä, Lucie Barque and Alexis Nasr
10:05–10:30Modelling selectional preferences in a lexical hierarchy
Diarmuid Ó Séaghdha and Anna Korhonen
;Session TSK1: (09:15–10:30) Shared Task

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;(10:30–11:00) Coffee Break
;Session *SEM7: (11:00–12:15) Long Papers 4: Lexical Semantics
Chair: Suresh Manandhar
11:00–11:25Unsupervised Induction of a Syntax-Semantics Lexicon Using Iterative Refinement
Hagen Fürstenau and Owen Rambow
11:25–11:50An Evaluation of Graded Sense Disambiguation using Word Sense Induction
David Jurgens
11:50–12:15Ensemble-based Semantic Lexicon Induction for Semantic Tagging
Ashequl Qadir and Ellen Riloff
;Session TSK2: (11:00–12:30) Shared Task

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;(12:15–2:00) Lunch
;Session *SEM8: (2:00–3:15) Long Papers: Semantic Parsing
Chair: Raquel Fernandez
2:00–2:25An Exact Dual Decomposition Algorithm for Shallow Semantic Parsing with Constraints
Dipanjan Das, André F. T. Martins and Noah A. Smith
2:25–2:50Aligning Predicate Argument Structures in Monolingual Comparable Texts: A New Corpus for a New Task
Michael Roth and Anette Frank
2:50–3:15The Effects of Semantic Annotations on Precision Parse Ranking
Andrew MacKinlay, Rebecca Dridan, Diana McCarthy and Timothy Baldwin
;Session SE4: (2:00–3:30) SemEval Poster Session 1

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;(3:15–4:00) Coffee Break
;Session *SEM9: (4:00–5:15) Long Papers 6: Semantic Inference
Chair: Eduardo Blanco
4:00–4:25A Probabilistic Lexical Model for Ranking Textual Inferences
Eyal Shnarch, Ido Dagan and Jacob Goldberger
4:25–4:50#Emotional Tweets
Saif Mohammad
4:50–5:15Monolingual Distributional Similarity for Text-to-Text Generation
Juri Ganitkevitch, Benjamin Van Durme and Chris Callison-Burch
;Session SE5: (4:00–5:15) SemEval Poster Session 2

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;Session PLN3: (5:15–6:00) Plenary Panel and Closing: *SEM and the Future
Chair: Mona Diab