CANÇONERS DB - A Portal, database and Digital Library of Medieval Catalan Verse Literature

Cançoners DB is a database, digital library, and portal devoted to medieval Catalan songbooks transmitting Catalan lyric and verse narrative works ca. 1250–1500. This corpus amounts to roughly 2500 pieces by some 250 authors copied into 30 songbooks, with an extravagant manuscript tradition that includes 40 other manuscripts and early editions.

Cançoners DB is a database that combines, in a PHP-MySql environment, four complex tables with information about 1) Manuscripts and Editions, 2) Authors, Person Names and Toponymy, 3) Works, and 4) Secondary Bibliography.

The most recent implementation is a Digital Library, in construction. Encoded in XML-TEI, with an engine based on California Digital Library eXtensible Text Framework XTF (, it will offer lemmatized editions (critical & diplomatical) and links to sources facsimiles.

Some data:

  •   Songbooks and editions descriptions  105  (75%)
  •   Authors  243  (99%)
  •   Related Person- and Place-Names  3,598  (99%)
  •   Works (Poems)  2,475  (90%)
  •   Works in the Digital Library (in course)  284 (15%)
Universidad u organización: 
Institut de Llengua i Literatura Catalanes, Universitat de Girona
Grupo de investigación : 
Sadurní Martí