Trob Eu: A Digital Interactive Map of Troubadour Courts miriam.

One of the main results of the Trob-Eu project ( is a digital geopolitical map of troubadour courts, representing the engagement of this major cultural movement with the centres of power in medieval Europe. Using GIS technology, the map functions by means of 14 layers of courts and domains in 4 time periods; place-names mentioned within the Crown of Aragon, and places of origin of troubadours. In the map viewer (ArcGis) searches are available in table format, and pop-ups connect with a database (Cançoners DB: to offer further data on courts, troubadours and patrons.

Because of the European scope, the mobility of troubadours and patrons, and our need to identify person- and place-names in the lyrics, a map is a major research asset. GIS technology overcomes the shortcomings of the few available traditional maps, and allows online interactive access to a dynamic historical map, with zoom and searching capabilities. However, further development of GIS software will be required to fully represent chronological evolution and refine searchability 

Universidad u organización: 
Institut de Llengua i Literatura Catalanes, Universitat de Girona
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Miriam Cabré