Welcome to CLARIN Centre-K

Spanish CLARIN Centre-K is a node of the European infrastructure CLARIN whose objective is to share knowledge and experience of the three founding constituent groups for research in humanities and social sciences. We are the first Clarin Knowledge Centre and the representation of the CLARIN infrastructure in Spain.

Spanish CLARIN Centre-K includes the services which are provided by its participants. At the Center they become a single point of access and act like a distribution agent of service requests. Center-K adds the strengths of the three participating centers to provide services to the community in a unified and organized way. The services Spanish CLARIN Centre-K offers are:

  • Virtual Consulting to advise and to answer questions about practical issues related to standards, use of processing tools and access to language resources. The center provides contact by email with guaranteed response within 24 hours. This is a personalized service which also makes available to researchers documentation and known use cases where to find good practices.
  • Support for self-learning with specialized resources: specialized catalogs to find information on current practices and direct access to tools, web applications that facilitate the use of existing technologies, video tutorials, MOOCs, etc.
  • Organization of education and training programs for researchers, students, projects or interest groups.
  • Technological and management and planning of custom projects according to the needs of applicants Services.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require further information.

Try our online multilingual (catalan, spanish, basque, galego, english) analayzers using the links below:

Gramáticas y modelos de lenguaje

Hizkuntza-ezagutzan oinarrituta osatu den Euskarako Dependentzia Gramatika Konputazionala (EDGK) da.

BERT hitzkuntza eredua euskararako

Herramientas y servicios

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Hizkuntzaren Prozesamendurako tresna eleanitzak
Euskararen tratamendurako balio duen hizkuntza prozesatzaileen kate modularra
Analizatzaile sintaktiko-estatistikoa

Euskararako etiketatzaile morfosintaktikoa

Euskarazko zuzentzaile ortografiko eta gramatikala
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