UD treebank for Basque

Universal Dependencies treebank for Basque
Dependentzia Unibertsalak proiektuko gidalerroak jarraituta etiketatutako euskarazko zuhaitz-bankua
Descripción (en): 
Universal Dependencies (UD) is a project that is developing cross-linguistically consistent treebank annotation for many languages, with the goal of facilitating multilingual parser development, cross-lingual learning, and parsing research from a language typology perspective. In this project we have transformed our 150K treebank for Basque following the proposed guidelines in the project. Once we have finished the transformation, our UD treebank for Basque has 121K words.

Universal Dependencies edo Dependentzia Unibertsalak, hizkuntza desberdinetarako sortuta dauden zuhaitz-bankuak etiketatze estandar batera bihurtzea helburu duen proiektua da, horretarako zenbait gidalerro eskaintzen dituelarik. Guk euskarazko 150.000 hitzeko zuhaitz-bankua bihurtu dugu aurretik aipatutako gidalerroak jarraituz. Bihurtutako zuhaitz-bankuak 121.000 hitz ditu.

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Iakes Goenaga
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Grammars and language models

Rule-based Dependency Grammar for Basque

BERT language model for Basque
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Tools and services

Averell is a Python library and command line interface to download and to standardize corpora from ten multi-lingual poetry repositories
Jollyjumper is our enjambment detection Python library for Spanish
Rantanplan is a Python library for the automated scansion of Spanish poetry
PoetryLab app
PoetryLab: An Open Source Toolkit for the Analysis of Spanish Poetry Corpora
Tool for documenting and analyzing speakers' judgments about spatial and sociocultural linguistic variation.
Ferramenta On-Line de ExpeRimentación PerceptivA (FOLErPa)
FOLERPA is an online tool for carrying out perceptual experiments.
Cartografía dos apelidos de Galicia
Research tool for the study of the geographical distribution of surnames in Galicia.
Vocabulary analyzer Web Service
This web service calculates different lexicometric measures and displays them graphically (tokens, types, hapaxes & type/token ratio).
Ngram Statistics de Pedersen
Pedersen's Ngram Statistics Package
UPF Freeling-based part-of-speech tagger.
This is the UPF Freeling-based part-of-speech tagger.
Análisis de relaciones de dependencias
This WS performs dependency parsing using Bohnet's graph-based Parser. The input is text in plain text or CoNLL format. The languages supported are English and Spanish.
Freeling Named Entity Recognition - NER
Freeling-based Named Entity Recognition - NER
Word-Sense Disambiguation
Ixa pipes
Multilingual NLP tools
A modular chain of Natural Language Processing tools for Basque
Statistical Syntactic analyzer for Basque

Morphosyntactic tagger for Basque

Spelling and grammar checker for Basque
A web application to analyse syntactic variation of Basque dialects
Category analyzer